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How to sell a house for cash without a Real Estate Agent? – How we compare

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How to sell a house for cash without a Real Estate Agent?

More and more people are interested to learn: how to sell a house for cash without a real estate agent? That may be due to many reasons. For example, we are getting better and better at understanding the paperwork involved in the process as there is so much information online. We also know how expensive it may be to use a realtor, and we like to get the job done cheaper or win the extra ourselves. Yet, it is not easy.

Our aim is not to give yet another extensive guide on this. But what if there was a middle way? No realtor, still you would get a better price and more cash?

If you are one of those searching around for how to sell a house for cash without a realtor, you may find our solution very helpful. Have a look at the list below, and reach out to us.

What is the difference between selling to us and listing your house with a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Agent

Barbara Buys Houses

Commissions will cost you a percentage of the sale price of your home in fees.

NO Commissions

Closing costs with an agent will be approximately 2% of the sale price of your home.

NO Closing Costs 

To sell your home through an agent takes an average of 91 days.

Same Day Cash Offer

During the inspection period, an agent may push you to undertake repairs that need to be done on the home before purchase.

 NO Repairs Needed Prior To Sale

Just Think

       No Fix Ups    No Remodeling      No Fees.    No Closing Costs


         No Showings With People Running Through your House


         No Hassle    No Cleaning    No Stress    Pick My Closing Date

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