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Foreclosure Solutions for  Denver, Colorado and the Front Range


Are you struggling to pay your mortgage?

 We can help you decide what is best for you!

The good news is that you have options if you are stressed about making your mortgage payments. We have helped dozens in your Denver, Colorado and the Front Range and understand that you are not a “bad” person just because you are in a difficult financial situation. We will work with you for a solution and treat you with respect.

Options Available to You:


1) You can list your house with an agent

2) Try to sell it yourself

3) Negotiate with the bank

4) Work with us and give us an opportunity to buy your house With Only One Showing and No Fees or Commissions

Option 1

Great option if you are current in payments and have the time to list, have showings and close. If behind in payments this option will not work.

Option 2

Same as #1, however most people do not have the experience and knowledge to sell themselves and do not want the stress involved in the process.

Option 3

May sound like a good idea but lenders are very particular with whom they will work with and how they want things done.

Option 4

Works with us. We will evaluate your situation and offer solutions. We may buy you house. We may lease option your house. We may work with the lender so you can stay and not sell!

Why not allow us the opportunity to help you in your circumstances?

“You have nothing to lose except the stress”

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